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This Week's Featured Guest

Trey Ryder

Success Coach | Podcaster

As a 14 year Army Veteran, husband, and father of 5, I have found that most people are struggling to be present in the moment. It's almost like living every day the same way you lived the day before except bringing more problems to the present day.

There's this fog that makes it feel like every day just runs together...

I know this because that is how I used to live my life. Honestly, I felt like I just wanted to hide from everything so that I didn't have to deal with reality. I spent years living this way and ultimately missed out on creating memories. My family life and relationships started to suffer. I didn't communicate with my wife, I wasn't being emotionally present and just physically taking up space.

My job performance was complete crap because my family life was crap. My family life was crap because my job life was crap. The common denominator in all of these situations was ME. If I wanted my external circumstances to change, I had to change my internal dialog.

This was the first step in making a difference in my life. I know it can make a difference in your life because I have helped others do it too!