Businesses And Relationships Are Built And Maintained With Valued Coaching


If I were to ask you, what one thing in your life prevents you from moving the needle in your health, your wealth or your relationships?


What Would Your Answer Be?


It's important to have focus and clarity in your life, whether it's building wealth, having successful relationships or focusing on your personal health.

You Can Hire Any Coach You Want, But Not Every Coach Knows What They Are Teaching And Not Every Coach Understands Your Individual Needs...

... Because They Don't Take The Time To Ask.

My Story

My name is Todd Ross, Founder & CEO of The Next Level Up. I started my journey 27 years ago working for multiple different companies in several different capacities of management and leadership. When I decided to take on what I believed to be entrepreneurship at the time, I didn't understand who I wanted to serve nor did I understand the problem I wanted to solve. I wanted to make money to support my family and while that is a great motivator, I learned it wasn't what I truly wanted.

I wanted to positively impact people.

In 1992, when I served in Desert Storm as a US Marine, I had seen so many people going without and it weighed heavy on my heart. It made me think about life back home and how we have so many opportunities but we look past them because we don't have the right guidance. The people I met in Kuwait had very little but I learned something from them and that was innovation. This was during the early 90s so it wasn't about technology innovation, they used process innovation. This inspired me to become a process improvement specialist and by nature, a project manager. I use this same type of successful process improvement model in my coaching methods today. 

So here's the deal.

I have proven processes...
I have proven results...
I have the right blueprint any business can follow...

But, none of it matters if you aren't in the game!

Monthly Coaching


Monthly Program

  • 2 Focus Sessions per Week
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Business Builders


6 Full Hour Sessions

  • Weekly LIVE In Depth Coaching
  • Access To Todd's Inner Circle
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  • BONUS - 100 Email Sequence Templates
  • BONUS - Video Social Media Calendar

The VIP Professional


12 Full Hour Sessions

  • $500 Dollars Off
  • Weekly LIVE In Depth Coaching
  • Access To Todd's Inner Circle
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  • BONUS - Access To All Courses 
  • BONUS - 100 Email Sequence Templates
  • BONUS - Video Social Media Calendar