Who Is Todd And What Does He Do?


Hi, my name is Todd Ross. I founded a company called The Next Level Up in March of 2019. I started this company because I was tired of working for someone else. 20 years ago I tried to start my own company, several companies in fact, but none of them were successful and the reason they were not successful was because of one reason and one reason alone, I gave up and quit them.

The ideas were solid. The foundation was there but because I didn't get the results I wanted in a quick enough amount of time, I gave up and did what was comfortable and that was work for someone else. I was making someone else's dream come true and that just didn't sit right with me.

In 2009 when I moved back to San Diego, California from Elko, Nevada, I made a promise with myself that by October 3rd of 2020, I would no longer be working for someone else. Do you see what I did wrong there? I gave myself too much time. I should have given my boss 1 year and then left my job because the reality was when 2019 rolled around and I was only a year away from my date to leave. I panicked because I wanted to live up to my promise. I could have done the very same thing and been 9 years ahead of myself instead of waiting so long.

But I didn't. I waited to take action and it took all of about 2 months before I started generating revenue without a following or an audience. Ever take the palm of your hand and hit your forehead with it? Hello !!! I could have easily done the same thing 9 years sooner. But I did what most people do and I fell into that trap of getting a paycheck every other week thinking that I was getting ahead. How foolish was I?

Now I'm living my best life ever and whatever accomplishments I make are because I worked for them and they now belong to me, not the company I worked for.

I get to wake up excited every day knowing that I'm going to impact someone's life and help them live their best life ever. You can live your best life ever as well but unless you take steps and take action, none of that will ever happen.