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My name is Todd. I'm your Freedom Coach and the creator of The 30 Day Entrepreneur and 90 Days To Freedom. I've helped thousands of people start a successful online business in hundreds of different niches. My mission is to help as many people as I can, get more time back in their day through entrepreneurship. We all want the freedom to spend more time with our families, more time to enjoy life. Who said you have to retire to start living life the way you were meant to? You can start living your best life now no matter what age you are or where you are in life.

It's time to start living life on your own terms.

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How Do You Start Living Life On Your Own Terms?

These 5 steps are the building blocks to starting any online business:

Step 1:


Find A Problem To Solve

It's not usually enough to just find a problem to solve. What will motivate you, is to find a problem that is important to you and your belief system. With almost 8 billion people in the world, problems are easy to find. Pick one that speaks to you and then build your message around it.

Step 2:


Identify Your Audience

Knowing your audience and the pains they go through are super important to be able to serve them at the highest possible level. Research your audience and speak to them in a language that resonates with their pain. When you know your customer, you will know how best to solve their problem.

Step 3:


Design A Solution

Solving a problem requires a high level of understanding of the issue you are trying to solve for. Not all problems require a unique solution so when you design your solution, research systems that already work and then put your special signature on it. Sometimes it can be more helpful to capture a system than to create a new one.

Step 4:


Market Your Solution

Marketing is the lifeblood to how you communicate with your audience. Once you have your message, now it's time to get it out to the world so you can begin speaking to your ideal client. When developing your marketing strategy, you must first have a brand strategy.

Step 5:


Scale Your Business

Once your business has kicked off, you can only sustain the current model until it begins to grow past your limitations. Scaling is incredibly important to understand the difference between improving on what you already have or pivoting your business to account for economic and consumer demand. 

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Huti Bourke
Professional Speaker

"I appreciate Todd's expertise to what I need out of a coach. I'm so grateful I had a chance to learn from him."

Debbie Prediger
Mindset Coach

"I love Todd's coaching style. He is such a pillar of wisdom. He has confidence and he knows what he's doing."

Shane Therault
Professional Trainer

"You freaking rock dude! You have been such an amazing trainer during these workshops."

Mitch Rockwell
CEO, Avirix Fitness

"I can't thank Todd enough for his guidance. It felt so good handing in my resignation at work."

Emily Wagner
Fitness Coach

"I was worried I wouldn't be able to understand the steps in the program but Todd made it so easy. I always felt I was making progress."

Katia Ferreira
CEO, Wellness Coaching

"I really appreciate how Todd was able to help me understand my audience. He bridged the gap between coach and coaching."

Sonia Marti
CEO, Beauty Salon

"Todd has really helped me decide where to go in my business. I was at a crossroads and he was there to help me work through the process."

Joel Remandaban
Best Selling Author

"You really helped me break things down into simple chunks to get my mastermind off the ground! Thank you so much Todd."

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Masterminds are without a doubt the quickest and most efficient way to move the needle in any business. In my masterminds, we focus on how to take your business to the next level for any challenges you are facing. If you want to scale your business, increase your revenue and serve at a higher level, click the button down below to learn more.

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90 Days To Freedom


This is a full-scale program is designed to help you replace your current job income making at minimum $10k per month. Each week you will receive multiple step-by-step videos along with a live Q&A session with me. By the end of the program, you will have launched a successful online business.

My philosophy is always that no person is ever left behind. If you aren't successful, I won't be successful.



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